2022 Conference Chair

We all know that orchestrating the best roundup in the world in the middle of Manhattan takes money. Our amazing Fundraising Committee works hard all year long to generate the funds required to make the Gay & Sober Men's Conference happen, and Mitch, our unstoppable and creative Raffle Chair, consistently drives a big part of this effort. Mitch lives in New York and has been a part of GSM since the beginning, and we're so grateful for him.  



2022 Conference Co-Chair

Mario hails from Houston and is now a busy nurse in the same hospital he was born in 59 years ago! A true gift of the program because he wasn't a nurse when he started his sober journey 15 years ago. He lives a life now that is happy, joyous, and free - albeit a bit busy lately! This year's Varsity conference will be his 4th and will make the 3rd time he's been involved with Volunteer coordination. It gives him great joy and honor to participate again, especially in light of the trials and circumstances we've all endured in the last year plus. He is looking forward to seeing all of you at the events in New York, and shameless plug: SIGN UP TO HELP OUT at some point during the conference - you won't regret the experience. 



Parade Chair

Luis has been sober since June 30th or 2009. He lives in Orlando. He says that sobriety has given him a life beyond what he could have ever imagined or even planned. He owns a cleaning company called Man Maid Services. His experience with GSM has been amazing. It's added to his recovery a group of men from all over the world who suffer from the same disease and have a common solution that binds us all together. 

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Social Activities

Christopher is thrilled to be joining the committee at GSM for the first time for '21's conference as Hospitality Chair. He has been sober since 6/23/20 and is an active member of the fellowship. Christopher lives in Philadelphia and is an active musical theatre performer around the Greater Philadelphia region, as well as having worked in New York and North Carolina. 

He is so appreciative for the opportunity to create a wonderful experience for gay men in recovery and the fellowship working with GSM has brought into his life. 



Greeting & Security

Christopher lives in Monroe, New Jersey. He serves as Greeting &  Security Co-Chair and Delegate since 2018. He's been sober since July 30th, 2017 and is an active member of the fellowship. He sponsors people and holds service commitments inside and outside of the rooms. In his personal life, his new found love in sobriety is fitness and spends about five hours a week in the gym. In the summer, he loves spending time at the Jersey Shore and enjoys outdoor adventures including skiing, hiking, and roller skating. 




Hi there GSM Brothers! 

I go by either Curtis or Dean. 

My sobriety date is December 25th, 2007 and currently living in Los Angeles. I've been involved with The Shop for GSM in 2017 and 2018. Grateful to have been asked back to be a part of the main committee. 

Looking forward to being of service. It's been a huge pleasure to be a part of such a top notch, monumental conference, that brings in sober people from all over the world to share this beautiful experience that will last a lifetime.   




For over a year, Dick has been working hard to curate just the right workshop and speaker program for GSM Varsity, and his efforts are certainly going to pay off for our participants in 2021. 

Unfortunately, Dick is currently under travel restrictions in Ottawa, where he lives, so he is unable to join us in person. He will, however, be with us in spirit and technology, as we couldn't possibly leave him out! 



Program Co-Chair




Information Technologies

Gary is from Austin, TX and has been a part of GSM since it's inception. He's served in various roles over the years and now maintains our registration platform and provides information to support the committee. He has been sober since 2004 and is incredibly grateful for the life he has been given. Participating in conferences has always been a staple of his recovery and GSM is a huge part of that. 



Delegate Chair

John lives in Dublin, Ireland. He's been helping GSM since the very beginning. He continuously helps by providing updates about meetings for our meeting directory. He also posts whenever he can - without us asking. He says that for him "service is about giving back what I've gotten over the last 24 years." We love the enthusiasm he brings to the team.




If you have registered for GSM or asked any question about the conference, chances are, you have been assisted by Robbie, our amazing and dedicated Registration Chair. He has been working feverishly to confirm all our registrants, and we couldn't be more grateful for his hard work. 

Robbie lives in New York with his husband, where he works as an award-winning representative for Scentsy and attends nursing school. We have no idea how he finds time for all the effort he puts into making GSM a success, but we are so glad he does. 



Meeting Directory

Raised in East Tennessee, Thomas calls Knoxville home. His sobriety date is July 19th, 2019. Working with his sponsor and throwing himself into the program has kept him sober. He uses the steps to take on each day as it comes. He has learned that it's ok to have feelings, and that he doesn't have to sit in them. 

In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors, hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, and taking photos along the trails he visits. 

He's says that he's looking forward to the conference. That it will be a lot of firsts for him. His first sober pride, first conference, and first time in NYC. He can't wait! 



Graphics and Design

Tom is a native of North Dakota and attended Minneapolis College of Art and Design. When he was based in New Zealand, he started his own company where he created typography and brand design for Sony, Rolling Stone, Swatch and Michael Jackson. Tom is one of the most awarded creative directors in the world from Cannes. His design and typographical work is part of the permanent design collections of Museum of Modern Art in NYC and the Smithsonian Institute. He's created ideas and led campaigns for some of the most recognizable brands in the world including T-Mobile, Toyota, General Mills, and Lexus. The primary reason why GSM has that polished and special look is all because of Tom and his artistic talents!   




T.J. is a five year veteran of GSM. Starting out as a participant, then a delegate and now a committee chair. He hails from Seattle, WA, but a true home town bear from NYC. His sober date is 1/19/85 and is very comfortable with service work to continue his quality of sobriety. Please say "hi" when you see him at can't miss him. 



Production Chair

Tommy is a native New Yorker. His sober date is June 22nd, 2020. Having attended many Zoom meetings during the past year, Living Sober has become his home group. This will be his second GSM Conference. GSM has played a huge part in his recovery and he's excited to be a part of this amazing conference and to meet other sober people from all over the country. 



Social Activities Co-Chair

Tony lives in Montréal. He discovered GSM in the summer of 2019. He diligently works to make sure people have a place to stay during the conference weekend. Recently, he worked during the Christmas break to ensure that our Scholarship recipients had their needs met. He has a passion for dance and also works as a strategist in digital he brings a lot to our organization.



Executive Secretary

Landon lives in Knoxville, TN with his husband, Yong. They have attended every GSM. In 2018, Landon served as a Delegate and in 2019 as Program Chair. Landon has been sober for 14 years, and his home group is Sober Pride. With a small but close-knit LGBTQ recovery community in his city, Landon loves the warm, inclusive fellowship of the GSM Conference. 



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